Is It Okay To Rub Your Eyes Post Lasik Eye Surgery?

Are you planning for Lasik surgery in Delhi (visualaidscentre) and need to know about your recovery period? You would probably want to know every detail about the Lasik procedure and precautions post-surgery for optimal results. Lasik surgery can treat and stabilize your vision if you are suffering from myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. It is a safe process and offers quick recovery for clear vision without glasses. You can rely on experienced surgeons who can handle all complications. However, you must visit an eye specialist to know if you are a good candidate for Lasik or not. There are many factors that decide the success rate of this laser treatment.

You need not worry about the expense as Lasik surgery cost in India ( is reasonable. They cost you around 15-20k per eye and largely depend upon the kind of Lasik suitable for you. Just after the Lasik procedure, you need to take utmost care of your eyes for faster recovery. Doctors suggest wearing a pair of goggles or an eye shield to protect your eyes. Do not try to drive back home on your own. Because though you get leave from the hospital within hours, you can suffer from blurry vision.

Eye protection is very important after Lasik, especially for the next two months. In the Lasik process, the surgeon puts a flap to heal the cornea. Any sort of carelessness can lead to severe damage to the flap, which in turn, can delay the healing process. So, you must not rub your eyes post Lasik to avoid any damage to the cornea. Rubbing or touching the eyes can displace the flap and hinder the healing process putting an adverse effect on your vision. You must completely avoid rubbing or touching your eyes for at least two weeks after Lasik. After two weeks, you can gently rub your eyes for the next couple of months.

Drawbacks of rubbing your eyes after Lasik:

Here are some common risks of rubbing your eyes post Lasik treatment.

  1. Eye infection: Rubbing eyes after Lasik, especially with dirty hands can be harmful. It may lead to an eye infection such as the pink eye.
  2. Eye injury: The most common reason for rubbing the eyes is they experience a foreign object in the eye. But rubbing can damage the flap and cause severe eye injury. You may also cause the particle to scratch the cornea.
  3. Dark circles: Rubbing can make small blood vessels break in your eyelid causing dark circles.
  4. Keratoconus: Rubbing your eyes for a long period of time can result in a thin cornea. This problem leads to vision distortion and recurring eye infections.

People usually suffer from dry eyes and itching after Lasik surgery for weeks. So, it is natural that you will try to rub your eyes. To avoid rubbing your eyes, put on goggles and use eye drops for lubrication. If your eyes feel itchy a lot and eye drops do not help then you should see your surgeon immediately.

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