How To Get A Nurse Job In Canada?

Once you decide to get a nursing job in Canada you will have to want to get all the information about the nursing job. Before deciding to immigrate to any other country or in Canada you should check all the criteria and possibilities that can help you to get a nursing job in Canada for indian nurses.

So here are procedure that is necessary to know while getting nurse job in Canada:-

  • Stay as permanent residency:- in Canada there is high demand for nurses that’s why they change their immigration policy. They seek to bring the best international nursing professionals to their cities and towns. Due to the province’s most popular programme for permanent residency this thing can attract the most of the workers .This has been set up in a way that benefits qualified nurses. You can get permanent residency in Canada without needing to secure a job offer. In this way you should know the French language ability so getting a job in Canada as a nurse you will get the permanent residency. 


  • Temporary residency: Nursing jobs in Canada are more plentiful than ever. You can apply temporarily in Canada. In the starting process you must have their educational credentials assessed. You are free to choose the option to remain in their country of residence during the assessment process. As a nurse you must register in Canada. When this process has been complicated you may initiate the process of obtaining a job offer in Canada. After that you can connect internationally educated nurses to employment benefits in healthcare committees.


  • You should register in Canada: if you are planning to work as a nurse in Canada you must be qualified to practice as a registered nurse or LPN means licensed/registered practical nurse. So the very first thing is to qualify and after that you must register with either the CAN (Canadian nurses association) or Canadian council for practical nurse regulators (CCPNR).

How to get an RN for indian nurse in CANADA?

To become eligible for RN, you need to fulfil these below registration requirements:-

  • You have to prove authorization to work in Canada. This is the first step that you have to take.
  • You must have a four year bachelor’s degree in nursing or a practical nursing diploma that are equivalent to this.
  • Nursing practice  in the category for which the international student is applying within three years prior.
  • You should apply for the national council licensing examination (NCLEX) registered nurse and you should pass this exam for those who are applying for registered nurse and those who are applying for registered practical nurse you should get the Canadian practical nurse registration exam.
  • You should provide them with proof of language proficiency in English.
  • Now you have to find a nursing recruiting agency to get the best nursing jobs in Canada for indian nurses.
  • Now you should apply for a green card/RN immigrant visa.
  • Now you will get a visa interview and medical examination.
  • Now get the RN position. 

You can check here international nursing recruitment agencies in india:

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